Week 34 Newsletter – Sent Home on 4/12


Memory work this week for third and fourth grade: Books of the Bible: 1 Thessalonians-Revelation.


Third grade will be reading A Tree is Growing. Our vocabulary strategy is going to be word roots. The main skill this week will be text and graphic features. The third grade will take a reading test Friday with questions about the vocabulary strategy, text and graphic features, and A Tree is Growing.

This week, fourth grade will be reading Hercules’ Quest. Our vocabulary strategy this week will be adages and proverbs. Our main skill is going to be story structure. The fourth grade will take a reading test Friday with questions about the vocabulary strategy, adages and proverbs, and Hercules’ Quest.


The third grade will be taking a couple fact assessments to see how everyone is doing with facts. Then we will review for our next test. The next math test for third grade will be Monday, April 24.KEEP STUDYING ALL OF THE ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION FACTS!

Fourth grade will learn about equivalent fractions and dividing by multiples of 10. We will also be reviewing for our next test. Fourth grade will have their next  math test on Monday, April 24. KEEP STUDYING MULTIPLICATION FACTS!


This week in English we will finish up chapter 7. We will review for part A test on Wednesday. Chapter 7 part A  test will be Friday, April 21. Chapter 7 part B test will be Tuesday, April 25.


This week in science we will learn some more about how the sun is important to the Earth. We will start to learn about the outer planets in the solar system. The chapter 11 science test will be Thursday, May 4.


Chapter 8 social studies test will be April 20. We will complete some chapter 8 review before the test. At the end of the week, we will start to learn about the Plains states and what the early days were like on the interior plains. On Friday, Haleigh’s grandfather will be visiting us to discuss his job in the oil industry.


Third and fourth grade spelling lists will come home Tuesday. Everyone will take their spelling test Friday.


Tuesday: Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 109 odds

Wednesday: Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 110 evens

Thursday: Third Grade: Science Worksheet 30

Fourth Grade: Science Worksheet 30