Week 33 Newsletter – Sent Home on 4/7


Memory work this week for third and fourth grade: Books of the Bible: Matthew – Colossians.


Due to the short week, there will be no reading lessons this week for third or fourth grade. Since there are no reading lessons, there will be no reading tests this week either.


The third grade will be learning about writing money amounts to 1,000, writing money amount amounts using fractions, writing checks, selecting coins for a given amount, and subtraction facts 7, 8, and 9. KEEP STUDYING ALL OF THE ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION FACTS!

Fourth grade will learn about evaluating expressions, adding and subtracting fractions with common denominators, formulas, and the distributive property. KEEP STUDYING MULTIPLICATION FACTS!


This week in English we will continue to work through chapter 7.  We will keep practicing being able to identify each word in a sentence by its part of speech.


This week in science we will learn about how the sun is important to the Earth. We will also be completing an Easter craft to take home.


The West region map pretest is on Monday, April 10 and test on Tuesday, April 11. Chapter 8 social studies test will be April 20. On Wednesday this week, we will discuss an important social studies skill-how to make a thoughtful decision.


Due to the short week, there will be no spelling this week.

Classwork and Homework:

Monday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 78 B and Homework 78 B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 106 evens

Tuesday: Third Grade: English Classroom Practice 35, Math Fact Practice 79 B and Homework 79 B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 107 odds

Wednesday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 80B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 108 evens