Week 29 Newsletter – Sent Home 3/3

I apologize that I forgot to post last week’s newsletter to the blog…just a reminder paper copies get sent home on the last  day of every week for the upcoming wee.


Memory work this week for third and fourth grade: 1 Chronicles 16:23. In religion book on page 151.


This will be the last week for our reading groups. We have enjoyed getting to read in a group and work with each other to complete the worksheets. Some of the reading groups have finished their book and have also worked together to complete the test over their book. The books are not able to be taken home. NO READING TEST ON FRIDAY.


Third grade will be learning about subtracting 2 digit numbers, writing numbers to 1,000 using words, adding and subtracting multiples of 100, and multiplying by 2. The next third grade math test will be Tuesday, March 21. STUDY FACTS OVER SPRING BREAK.

Fourth grade will learn more about classifying quadrilaterals, estimating multiplication and division answers, two-step word problems, two-step word problems about a fraction of a group, and average. STUDY MULITPLICATION FACTS OVER SPRING BREAK.


This week we will start to turn our paragraph into a persuasive essay. All week long we will continue to write our essay. Towards the end of the week, we will start to edit the essay. The final persuasive essay will be due March 22 and chapter 6 part A test is Friday, March 24.


This week in science will be a little off because of our National Lutheran Schools Week activities in the afternoons. We are going to learn more about the water cycle and weather. We will also watch a video about the water cycle.


We won’t be doing too much in social studies this week due to National Lutheran Schools Week activities. We are going to complete the chapter 7 study guide. The chapter 7 test will be Thursday, March 23.


Spelling words will come home on Monday. The students will take their tests on Friday.


Monday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 67B & Homework 67B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 92 evens

Tuesday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 68B & Homework 68B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 93 odds

Wednesday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 69B & Homework 69B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 94 evens

Thursday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 70B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 95 odds

Friday: Third Grade: Science Worksheet 27

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 96 evens, Science Worksheet 27