Week 25 Newsletter – Sent Home on 2/3/17


Memory work this week for third and fourth grade: Matthew 22:37-39. Religion book page 131.


This week we will be starting reading groups again. Miss Moore has put us in new groups with new chapter books. We will be required to complete worksheets that have questions for the chapters with our groups. When we finish reading our chapter books, we will work together in our groups to complete a comprehension test over the whole chapter book. The books will not be able to be taken home. There will be NO reading test this week.


Third grade this week will be learning about drawing and measuring line segments to the nearest ½ inch, multiplying by 7, and acting out and drawing pictures and number sentences for “equal groups” stories. KEEP STUDING FACTS!

Fourth grade will learn about division with zeros in three-digit answers and review for our next test. Fourth  grade will take their next math test on February 9. The rest of the week we will learn about angle measures. KEEP STUDYING FACTS!


Due to the fact that chapter 5 in our English book is so short. This week will be a testing week. We will review for part A on Tuesday and part A test will be Wednesday and we will review for part B on Thursday and part B test will be on Friday.


This week in science we will learn about renewable resources and we’ll watch a video about renewable resources.


The South states pretest is Monday, February 6 and the regular test is Tuesday, February 7. If a student receives a 100% on pretest-the regular test is not required. The rest of the week we will complete the chapter 6 study guide and learn about coastal regions around the world.


Spelling words will come home on Monday. The students will take their tests on Friday.

Classwork and Homework:

Monday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 54B and Homework 54B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 80 evens

Tuesday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 55B and Homework 55B

Thursday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 56B and Homework 56B, Science Worksheet 23

Fourth Grade: Science Worksheet 23

Friday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 57B and Homework 57B, Social Studies Workbook pg 59/60

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 81 evens, Social Studies Workbook pg 59/60