Week 21 Newsletter – Sent Home on 1/6


Memory work this week for third and fourth grade: Zachariah 13:9. Found in religion book on page 115.


Third grade will be reading Tops and Bottoms. Our vocabulary strategy is going to be idioms. Our main skill will be theme. The third grade will take a reading test Friday with questions about the vocabulary  strategy, theme, and Tops and Bottoms.

This week, fourth grade will be reading The Earth Dragon Awakes. Our vocabulary strategy will be synonyms. Our main skill is going to be sequence of events. The fourth grade will take a reading test Friday with questions about the vocabulary strategy, sequence of events, and The Earth Dragon Awakes.


Third grade will have a math test on Tuesday, January  10th. We will review on Monday. The rest of the week, we will learn about adding two-digit numbers using mental computation, naming line segments, and triangles. Keep working on addition facts!

For fourth grade this week, we will be learning about division of two-part answers and a remainder, similar & congruent figures, multiplying by multiples of 10, and millimeters. Keep working on multiplication facts! Fourth grade will have a math test on January 23rd.


This week for English we will keep working on our conclusion paragraph. The rest of the week we will edit and revise our expository paper with Miss Moore. The final draft of the expository paper is due Friday, January 13th. The next English test part A will be January 18th and part B will be January 20th.


The chapter 7 test will be Wednesday, January 11. On Monday we will watch a video about fossils. Starting Thursday we will start chapter 8 and learn about how rocks are formed.


This week, we will continue to learn about the South and Southeast/Gulf States. We will continuing to discuss how cities and industries grow and change. We will start to learn about national parks around the world. Wednesday we will complete the chapter 5 study guide.


Spelling words will come home on Monday. The students will take their tests on Friday.

Classwork and Homework:

Monday: Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 65 Evens

Tuesday: Third Grade: Social Studies Workbook 50

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 66 Odds, Social Studies Workbook 50

Wednesday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 41B, Math Homework 41B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 67 Evens

Thursday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 42B, Math Homework 42B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 68 Odds

Friday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 43B, Math Homework 43B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 69 Evens