Week 20 Newsletter – Sent Home on 12/21



Memory work this week for third and fourth grade: Revelations 1:5. Found in religion book on page 111.


Third grade will be reading Technology Wins the Game. Our vocabulary strategy is going to be the suffixes –less, -ful, and –ous. Our main skill will be sequence of events. The third grade will take a reading test Friday with questions about the vocabulary strategy, sequence of events, and Technology Wins the Game.

This week, fourth grade will be reading Hurricanes: Earth’s Mightiest Storms. Our vocabulary strategy will be the suffixes –less, -ful, -ness, and -ment. Our main skill is going to be text and graphic features. The fourth grade will take a reading test Friday with questions about the vocabulary strategy, text and graphic features, and Hurricanes: Earth’s Mightiest Storms.


Third grade will be learning and discussing counting quarters, finding half of a set of objects, adding three or more single-digit numbers, telling and showing time to five minutes, and identifying a.m. and p.m. Third grade will have a math test on January 10th.

For fourth grade this week, we will be learning about a remaining fraction, two-step equations, multiplying three or more factors, exponents, polygons, and division with two-part answers.  


This week for English we will read through how to write an expository essay. We will take the expository paragraph we did before break and make that the body paragraph of the essay. Then we’ll add an introduction paragraph and start on a conclusion paragraph.


This week in science we will complete the chapter seven study guide, learn about fossils, and careers in science. The chapter 7 test will be Wednesday, January 11.


This week, we will continue to learn about the South and Southeast/Gulf States. We will discuss people and natural resources of the area. We will start to learn about how cities grow and industries change.


Spelling words will come home on Monday. The students will take their tests on Friday.


Monday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 36 B & Homework 36B

Tuesday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 37B & Homework 37B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 61-odds

Wednesday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 38B & Homework 38B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 62-evens

Thursday: Third  Grade: Math Fact Practice 39B & Homework 39B, Science worksheet 19

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 63-odds, Science worksheet 19

Friday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 40B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 64-evens