Week 17 Newsletter – Sent Home on 12/2


Memory work this week for third and fourth grade: 2 Timothy 4:18. Found in religion book on page 100.


We are still continuing our reading groups. We are enjoying getting to read in a group and work with each other to complete the worksheets. When we finish reading our chapter books, we will work together in our groups to complete a comprehension test over the whole chapter book. The books are not able to be taken home. NO READING TEST ON FRIDAY.


Third grade will be learning about estimating, measuring, and drawing line segments using centimeters, adding multiples of 10 using mental computation, ordering three digit numbers, and listing combinations. We need to make sure we are working hard on our addition facts. Keep studying them!

For fourth grade this week, we will be learning about prime and composite numbers, using models and pictures to compare fractions, rate word problems, and multiplying three digit numbers. We need to make sure we are working hard on multiplication facts!


We are still continuing working through chapter 4. This week we will learn and discuss how to use pronouns and conjunctions to build and expand sentences.


On Monday and Tuesday we will finish chapter 6. Due to the fact that chapter 6 is only two lessons, our next science test is Wednesday, December 7. The rest of the week, we will start learning about adaptations for survival in chapter 7. 


We will be doing a couple social studies worksheets and completing a chapter 4 book review for social studies this week. We will also be watching a video about the Middle Atlantic States. The chapter 4 social studies test is on Monday, December 12.


Spelling words will come home on Monday. The students will take their tests on Friday.



Monday: Third Grade: English Classroom Practice 20, Math Homework 32B, Social Studies Workbook page 44

Fourth Grade: English Classroom Practice 20, Math Lesson 55-odds, Social Studies Workbook page 44

Tuesday: Third Grade: Math Fact Practice 33B, Science Worksheet 16

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 56-evens, Science Worksheet 16

Wednesday: Third Grade: Math Homework 33B, Social Studies Workbook page 45

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 57-odds, Social Studies Workbook page 45

Thursday: Third Grade: English Checkup 21, Math Oral Fact Practice & Regular Fact Practice 34B

Fourth Grade: English Checkup 21, Math Lesson 58-evens

Friday: Third Grade: Math Homework 34B

Fourth Grade: Math Lesson 58-odds