Four Year Old Preschool

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Ms. Amanda Daniels

  • Pre-K- This week!


    We have a big week this week!  We will be having our Pre-School Program at 6pm on this Wednesday.  Please make sure to have your child here by 5:45pm, dropped off in the classroom, we will be walking in together.  Our last day is this Friday, May 19th and we will ...

  • Field Trips: Marcoot Jersey Creamery

    Here are some pictures of our field trip to Marcoot.  Hope you enjoy them!


  • Pre-K 4’s: Next week!

    Hi!  We have had a lot of fun learning about space this week!  We have learned that the planets rotate around the sun which is a star, we have learned their are 8 planets and their names, and we have learned that all of this is in the solar system.  We also talked about how ...

  • Pre-K 4’s: This week!

    Hello!  This week we will be talking about Easter, we will be talking about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.  We will start at Palm Sunday and continue through all the days of Holy Week until we get to Easter.  Our Easter parties will be on this Wednesday for both classes, ...

  • Pre-K 4’s: Decades Day and Dr. Seuss!

    We had a great day today!  We dressed for different decades and then we read The Cat in the Hat and we made hats!  We had a blast!  Tomorrow is dress like a Rock Star day and Show-n-Tell!  They may only bring one item and it had to fit inside their ...