reindeer games Tuesday/Thursday class

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December is one of our favorite months in Preschool.  We learn about Christmas and the best gift of Christmas which is Jesus.  We also learn about St. Nicholas aka. Santa Claus who gives good little girls and boy presents at Christmas.  Today we celebrated Santa’s Reindeer with making Magic Reindeer feed and watching Santa feed his reindeer live from the North Pole.

And of course reindeer need to fly and they have to start by learning to leap.

They leaped over two orange cones and almost flew.

We met Goal 20 in the Physical Development and Health benchmark.  20.A.ECa Participate in activities to enhance physical fitness.  By leaping over the two cones in the classroom.  20.A.ECb Exhibit increased levels of physical activity.  The children (reindeer) showed increase levels of physical activity by dancing on the carpet during the freeze dance and balancing on one foot during reindeer games.

This month we have done many activities with glitter, glue, markers, stickers, stamps and crayons to create decorations for this Christmas season.  The decorations have been various shapes such as triangle trees, that they cut our using child safe scissors.  Benchmark 25.A.ECd. Visual arts: Investigate and participate in activities using visual arts materials.

Early Childhood is all about hands on development.  We create activities that inspire and intrigue young children to develop and grow into successful, caring children in school and home.  We need to nurture the whole child not neglecting any one part of their growth.  Strengthening each developmental domain cognitive, physical, emotional, social and here at St. Paul’s spiritual.