Pre-K 4’s: Next week!

Hi!  We have had a lot of fun learning about space this week!  We have learned that the planets rotate around the sun which is a star, we have learned their are 8 planets and their names, and we have learned that all of this is in the solar system.  We also talked about how God created everything in the world!  We will be having our field trip next week to the Marcoot Dairy Farm.  On Thursday the 27th, our PM class will be going from 9am-1:30pm, you may drop off in the classroom at 7:45am and you are welcome to stay and hangout until we leave.  Our AM class will be going on Friday the 28th from 9am-1:30pm, you may drop off like normal in the morning and can stay and hangout until we leave.  Please make sure to pack a SACK LUNCH, we will be going to a park after the dairy farm and eating our lunch.  THERE WILL BE NO AM CLASS ON THE 27th AND NO PM CLASS ON THE 28th.  Our trivia night will be on May 5th, both of our classes are making a basket.  Here is a breakdown of items needed for each basket.

PK 4’s AM:  Indoor Creativity for Kids:  Legos, Play-doh, craft sticks, beads, potholder kits, kinetic sand, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, kids glue/glue sticks, sequins, glitter, gel pens, construction paper (white & assorted colors), stickers, foam sheets/shapes, tissue paper, washable markers (assorted colors, assorted sizes, assorted tips), felt sheets, colored chalk, etc.

PK 4’s PM:  Gardening:  planter, potting soil, plants (flowers, herbs, veggies), gloves, gardening tools, kneeler/seat, sprinkling can, plant food, etc.

Thanks in advance for your help with our baskets!  Please make sure to continue turning in Box Tops we are still collecting them for our school.  Our Pre-School program will be on May 17th at 6pm, please mark your calendars!  We have some singing and a fun story that we will be doing!  We have Church services this weekend starting on Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 8am and 10:30am with Sunday School at 9:15am.