Polar Express/Pajama Day Tuesday/Thursday class

img_4243 img_4244 img_4245 img_4246 img_4247 img_4248 img_4250 img_4251 img_4252 img_4253 img_4254 img_4255 img_4256 img_4257 img_4258 img_4259 img_4260 img_4261One of our favorite days at school.  “The Polar Express” is read by our guest conductor “Pastor” seated in the classroom with chairs shaped as a train.  They listen to the story and the conductor then shows them the sleigh bell from Santa’s sleigh.  Connecting the story to life.  We had hot “warm” chocolate and graham crackers for snack.  We also had the Kindergartners join us for our trip to the North Pole.  And of course we had to wear pajamas to school today.