News from One and Two for May 2-6th, 2016

Good morning,  The weather is rather gloomy today, but our class is humming right along.  I hope that you are able to get past the gloomy weather and have a great day as well.

We have our really good skits this Friday at the talent show.  The children have worked very hard to present a good dramatic presentation.  Please make sure your child is there by 6:20.  EVERYONE HAS A PART AND WE NEED EVERYONE THERE.

THANK YOU very much to the Clover family for the pencils and hand sanitizer!  We will be set to the end of the year for sure.

We actually have one week left for box tops.  Please keep sending them in.  The kids are getting so very excited about winning this time!  We had to move our envelop it kept falling over.

We will have a social studies test this Friday.  The review will come home today.  The review is due on Tuesday, May 3rd.  The actual test will be Friday, May 6th.

We have already finished our religion curriculum.  We started a mini unit on kindness today.  We are going to be looking for and working on acknowledging kind acts.


I think that is it for this week.  May the Lord bless us all and maybe give us a little sunshine.  It’s time for May flowers!

Mrs. Fischer


Monday:  First Grade:  Math H+FH 122B, Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet

Second Grade:  Math H+FH 118B, Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet

Tuesday:  First Grade:  math H+FH 123B, Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet

Second Grade:  Math H+FH 119B, Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet

Wednesday:  First Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet

Second Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet

Thursday:  First Grade:  Math H+FH 124B, Phonics Worksheet

Second Grade:  Math H+FH 120B, Phonics Worksheet

Friday:  First Grade:  Math H+FH 125B, Phonics Worksheet

Second Grade:  Math H+FH 121B, Phonics Worksheet