News from One and Two for March 6-10th

Good morning!  I pray you all had a great weekend!  The weather on Saturday was fantastic.  My hubby and I even got to sneak out of Kenna’s volleyball tournament for a walk and tailgated for lunch.  Much nicer than last Saturday.  It of course helped that I felt much better.

We have a crazy week this week.  I am not sure how much we will get done in class.  When we have time we will focus on language arts and math.  As far as homework goes we will have math Monday through Wednesday for sure, maybe Thursday.  We will have spelling Monday through Wednesday.  There will be no homework Friday.

Friday is our big musical.   They will be getting their T-shirts today or Tuesday.  They should wear the T-shirt and jeans Friday night.

If your child wears an outfit this week that requires shoes that are not to comfortable or recces friendly please make sure they have tennis shoes for comfortable activity.  It will be great fun week.  I will try to share many pictures.

After spring break we will start the fourth quarter.  We will be doing chapter books.  They will get their reading chapter/chapters for the week on Monday.  We will still have a quiz each Friday.  You will be getting the fourth quarter word list before the end of this week.

A big thank you to the James family, the Tschudy family, the Luchesi family, the Thomas family, and the Doyle family for our extra baggies and stickers!  The kids were very excited to see them!  It is very much appreciated.  I pray that some of my friends who were teachers were as blessed as I am to have such supportive families!  I will say that here at St. Pauls I am blessed with all the things I need for our class.

Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Fischer