News from One and Two for March 27-31st

Good morning,

I want to start  by thanking all of you.  All of the children were ready for testing this morning.  We had great attitudes and plenty of paying attention.  Thank you, please help me continue this positive testing attitude for the week!

We will be doing our testing in the morning only.  I pray we can stay healthy and here all week!  They are allowed to bring things to play with in the afternoon.  (like Fridays)

We will take the afternoons mostly off of any brain work.  The only class work we are getting in this week is our reading.  We will have our weekly spelling/vocab/sight words/memory  list this week.  The only homework coming home this week is spelling.  That means you will have one spelling sheet only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Thank you to the Doyle family for the cool stickers!  We will have a dress down day this Friday.

I pray you all stay dry this week and we all can stay warm and healthy.

Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Fischer