News from One and Two for January 9-13th

Good morning!

I am glad everyone made it safely through the cold weekend.  I have a very busy this week in sports here.  In the classroom we are only adding a social studies test to our regular routine.  The review will come home today and be due tomorrow.  The test will be on Friday, January 13th.

Thank you to the Thomas family for more pencils, treasure box items, and  stickers!

We could use a few more items.  If you could send cool stickers, boy treasure box items, or extra class snack it would be greatly appreciated!

This is the third quarter.  There will be no more papers that can be fixed and brought in to get extra points.  There may be a fix written on the top.  I would recommend fixing it, just don’t return it.

This weekend is our big basketball tournament.  The boys play Thursday at 7:20.  The girls play Friday at 6:30.  They will both play after that on Saturday sometime, but it will depend on if they win or lose.  YOU CAN GET A FREE HOMEWORK PASS IF YOU COME TO A GAME.

After all my planning and work it seems we may run into some yucky weather this week.  Please pray for the safety of all!  Also, thank you!  Every child in my class has an appropriate winter coat.

Blessings on your week.  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Fischer

Monday:  First Grade:  Spelling Worksheet, Phonics Worksheet, Math H+FH 72B, Social Studies Review

Second Grade:  Spelling Worksheet, Phonics Worksheet, Math H+FH 72B Social Studies Review

Tuesday:  First Grade:  Spelling Worksheet, Phonics Worksheet, Math H+FH 73B

Second Grade:  Spelling Worksheet, Phonics Worksheet, Math H+FH 73B

Wednesday:  First Grade:  Spelling Worksheet, Phonics Worksheet

Second Grade:  Spelling Worksheet, Phonics Worksheet

Thursday: First Grade:   Phonics Worksheet, Math H+FH 74B

Second Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Math H+FH 74B

Friday:  First Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Math FH 75

Second Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Math FH and Fact Master 75