News From One and Two for February 13th-17th

Good morning families!  I didn’t get to send anything out via email last week.  My computer got a nasty virus.  Thank God I have a IT guy.  So, back on line for today(knock on wood).

I sent a note home about Valentine’s Day on Friday.  In case you didn’t get it, here is the gist.  We will be having a smaller celebration(no parents/parent planning).  The students are more than welcome bring Valentine cards and a treat to share.  We have 11 students 4 boys and 7 girls.

This week, on Thursday, we have out parents vs. players basketball game.  You may have heard about this as our class get to participate during half time.  The kids were pretty excited about getting to feel like a big Tiger basketball player.  The game starts at 6.  They should wear shorts, a t-shirt, and some running shoes.

I think that is it for this week.  We would appreciate a donation to our sticker drawer.  Thank you very much to the Luchesi family for providing extra classroom snacks!

There is a Unit 4 Social Studies test this Friday.  As usual the review will come home today and is due FINISHED on Tuesday.  The test will be Friday the 17th.

Have a great week!


Mrs. Fischer


Monday:  First Grade;  Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet, Math Perf. Task Worksheet and FH 90B, Social Studies Review

Second Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet, Math FH and FM 90B, Social Studies Reiew

Tuesday:  First Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet, Math H+FH 91B

Second Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet, Math H+FH 91B

Wednesday:  First Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet

Second Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Spelling Worksheet

Thursday:  First Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Math H+FH 92B

Second Grade:  Phonics Worksheet,  Math H+FH 92B

Friday:  First Grade:  Phonics Worksheet, Math H+FH 93B

Second Grade:  Phonics worksheet, Math H+FH 93B