News From One and Two for April 3-7

Dear Families,

I am getting my weekly note out early this time.  We are not quite finished with testing.  We will finish our last test Tuesday morning.  Please make sure your child goes to bed early Monday night and eats a healthy breakfast in the morning.  For those students who have missed a test or two they will start to make those up during Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

We will finally get back to a normal week.  There will be no Science or Social Studies test, but we will return to our regular class load in our subjects..

First grade will be getting Chapter 3 of Freckle Juice on Monday.  Second Grade will be getting chapters 5 and 6 of The blizzard of the Blue Moon. In first grade we will be doing our sight words and learning them as vocabulary as well.  This is to give us a taste of what we will do in Second Grade.  There will not be a quiz over them like in Second Grade, but we will be more focused on them during the week.

I thank all of you who helped us be ready for our testing this week.  I pray that those of you who were sick make it back to us next week.

Have a Blessed Weekend!

Mrs. Fischer