News from One and Two for April 24-28th

Good morning families,

It is nice to say we have a normal five day week this week.  We are also lucky that we have no science or social studies test this week.  There will be one coming up next week though.

All my class did very well on their vocabulary and sight words last week!  Thanks for your help in that!

If you would share a great big thanks to all those grandparents who came last Friday.  The children loved it and got to show off a bit.

My school email is still not working, so please email Mrs. Craig and she will forward it to me.

Thank you very much to Mrs. Tschudy and Mrs. Olinger for taking care of our baskets for Trivia night!  If you haven’t heard from either of them reach out and see if they need anything.

I pray that we all stay healthy.  It as such a great change to hall all my kiddos every day last week.

Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Fischer