January 5, 2017 snowy day TTH classes

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Today in the preschool 3 classroom we celebrate winter.  In our preschool program our curriculum is centered in hands on learning through play.  We teach in this classroom following and achieving bench marks set by the Illinois State Board of Education Learning and development standards.  The activities and learning that happens in this classroom and in our program is developmentally appropriate for each child.  The children in this program grow and learn at their own pace and developmental needs.

Today the students heard a story “The Little Old Lady who Swallowed some Snow” and two other books about winter.  The best part about today is that we were able to hear about snow and then go outside and experience snow.  The snow experience continued as we brought snow inside and discovered that the snow changed to water.  Learning Standard 12.F Explore changes related to the weather and seasons.  Preschool Benchmark 12.F.ECa Observe and discuss changes in weather and seasons using common vocabulary.  The students watched as the snow frozen from outside brought inside changed turning back into water.

The students also painted snowmen on blue paper exploring their creative abilities through holding and controlling the paintbrush.  Benchmark 26.B.ECa Use creative arts as an avenue for self expression.

We also made penguins this week and will be making polar bears next week.