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Seventh/Eighth Grade Teacher & Principal – Dr. Bruce McLaughlin

Dr. Bruce McLaughlin – Principal

  • Washington, D.C. Trip Hello Friends, The 7th and 8th grade class will be leaving early Tuesday morning for their trip to Washington, D.C.  We ask you to keep us in your prayers during the week.  We will be returning to St. Louis late Friday night.  Please be watching Facebook for photos and updates throughout the week.  Dr. McLaughlin will be in regular contact with Mrs. Craig and will not have much opportunity to check school email correspondences this week.  Any issues of an urgent nature should be sent to Mrs. Craig during this week. Thank you.
  • How Good Is Your Grain? Hello Friends, I was recently reminded of a short piece I wrote back in the mid to late 90s.  It was written for the staff at a school – not our school.  It was written at a time when the school and district I was affiliated with was undergoing some challenges.  Different time, different place, different people.  But, you know what?  Not terribly different from any other time or place or institution.  This essay is delightfully dated.  But I don’t want to change it to fit ‘modern’ times.  It was written for educators, but it applies to all.  Just replace the word ‘educator’ with nurse, truck driver, checker, dentist, whatever you do.  I hope this piece blesses your day. Please keep reading below my signature. May the Peace of Christ (way beyond what you can understand) be with you today,   Dr. McLaughlin   How Good Is Your Grain?               My uncle is a farmer south of Chester, Illinois.  He has been a farmer his whole life.  Every year at harvest time, just like all farmers everywhere, he takes his crops to the market to get the best price he can.             He lives out in the middle of nowhere, and depending on what he is selling, there are a number of routes he can take to get to where he’s going.  When he gets to the selling place, I’m sure there is a certain amount of conversation about farming and other things, but the main business of the day is to determine how good the grain is.  I doubt if he is ever ...
  • Kitchen Assistance Needed Dear Parents and Grandparents, We are in need of assistance in the kitchen for the remainder of the school year.  We began the year in good shape, but through injury and illness our kitchen helpers have experienced, we are running low on help.  If you can help us by spending two or three hours once a week/month or even just once during the remainder of the school year, that would help a lot.  If you can assist, please contact Mrs. Craig at 667-6314 and we will get you set up.  Thank you for your consideration.   Dr. McLaughlin
  • The Golden Rule and Our Responsibility as Christians The Golden Rule is truly an age-old message that bears repeating often.  It comes from the Gospel of Matthew 7:12 – “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” Let’s take this apart a little and get an idea of what ‘do’ actually means.  To ‘do’ something refers to an action.  And this action will often give us an idea of our status in practicing our Christian values.  In other words, it lets us know if we are behaving consistently to our profession of faith.   When considering our status, it is helpful to put ourselves in the shoes of another.  ‘What do I want the other person to think about me?’  ‘Do I feel this way about the other person?’  If these two questions do not have the same answer, then we know we are not being consistent.   In the section of the Saint Paul’s handbook entitled “Christian Responsibilities” we have some helpful reminders of our expectations in this regard.  Here is what our handbook states: It is the Christian responsibility of everyone associated with Saint Paul’s Lutheran School (students, teachers parents, staff, coaches, volunteers, etc.) to exhibit Christian behavior and attitude.  As Christians, we should: Encourage and uplift each other ALWAYS, but especially at school and school related events. Set a good example ALWAYS, but especially at school and school related events. Let our words and actions reflect God’s winning attitude ALWAYS, but especially at school and school related events.  Win or lose, agree or disagree, ...
  • TADS/Financial Aid Worksheet There is a worksheet available to assist with filling out the financial assistance application.  Please click on the link below to access the worksheet.    

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