Financial Assistance Application Process is Now in Operation

Every year Saint Paul’s school provides an opportunity for families who could benefit from financial assistance to apply for available funds to be applied toward tuition.  This year, with our membership with the Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA) we are using the TADS program for our application process.  You may apply now by clicking on the link below that will take you right to the LESA/TADS application page.


Key points:


1. All applications will be submitted ONLINE through TADS at

2. To submit an application, each applicant family is required to pay a $34 fee.

3. Please do not hesitate to contact the LESA office at 314-268-1520 if you have questions on the Building Blocks or Missouri District tuition-assistance programs  or the LASE office at 314-268-1234 if you have questions on the Lutheran Association for Special Education tuition-assistance program.

4.  TADS service representatives are available to answer questions on the TADS online application or required documentation.  They may be reached through online chat or by telephone at 1-800-884-8237 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM central time.

5. Once your online application has been submitted, remember to immediately submit the required income documentation (2015 W-2’s and 2015 federal income tax form) to TADS, following the instructions on the application screen. Income documents may be uploaded, faxed, or sent through US mail.

6. Only those applications that are submitted online by midnight April 1, 2016 and are verified as “complete” by TADS by April 15th are eligible to receive consideration for the May 2016 awards.

7. Upon completion of application review and award determinations by the Scholarship Awards Committees, school administrators and families will be notified of LESA’s Building Blocks and Missouri District award decisions by May 28, 2016 directly by the LESA office.  Families submitting applications for LASE tuition assistance will be contacted directly by May 28, 2016 by the LASE office of those award determinations.