7/8 Grade Dayschool Confirmation Requirements

7/8th Grade Confirmation- St. Paul’s Day School


Required Materials

Luther’s Small Catechism (2005) burgundy cover with ESV on cover

English Standard Version (ESV) Bible





Confirmation is a time of spiritual growth in the life of the students. This means that they will come into a closer, more meaningful relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Each year of study in school and home has lead them to this point. Now is the time for them to take all that they have learned and begin to process it into their own personal lives. They will learn what it means to be 1) a Christian, and 2) a Lutheran. In confirmation class they will come to know that it is important to know Jesus personally as their Savior. They will also learn that it is important to feed their faith regularly through worship, study and prayer.

Confirmation Sunday will be April 23, 2017 with public questioning taking place in the Saturday evening service, April 23.

We will cover the Small Catechism. This book is the basic teaching tool of the Lutheran Church. The main area of study will be an introduction to the Christian faith, Church Year, Baptism, Reformation history, Office of the Keys and Confession, Lords Supper, Lord’s Prayer, and Old/New Testament History )as time allows).  We are on a 2 year cycle of study with the 1st year covering the Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed and the Lord’s Prayer.

Through the year, the students will be asked to put their faith into practice. At those times, they will learn that faith in Jesus Christ is not mere “head” knowledge but is “heart” knowledge as well. They will learn that they need to be practicing their faith day after day, not only in preparation for confirmation but through out the rest of their lives.


Each student is required to complete any and all assignments given in class. Memory work is also assigned and each student is expected to know this memory work. The memory schedule will be given at the beginning of each quarter.

Students are expected to complete 1 sermon in August and 2 sermon summaries a month (September-April). This means that they will need to be worship at least once in August and twice a month. The expectation is that they will be worshiping regularly with their families anyway. Worship is a very important part of the confirmation experience. A copy of the summaries are available.

The students will be asked to do various things through out the year (i.e. worksheets, looking up Bible passages and explaining their meaning, reading articles, writing short papers, etc.). There will be nothing unusually difficult. The students are expected to complete all assignments in the time given.


The grading scale is according to the St. Paul’s School handbook. If the student does his/her work, does the memory work, and completes the sermon summaries, there should be no problem receiving a good grade in this class. If the student refuses to do the work and/or does a poor job on the memory work, he/she will receive a poor grade.

Each memory passage is worth 5 points. If the student is able to get through the passage with 1 or less helps, he/she will receive all 5 points. If there are 2 helps, 4 points; 3 helps, 3 points; 4 helps, 2 points; 5 helps, 1 point. I expect the student to know the memory work when they come into class, not trying to learn it when they arrive in the classroom.

All assignments and tests will be graded according to what is required.

Sermon summaries

The sermon summaries are to be done monthly according to this schedule:

Aug. summaries due on Sept. 1 (Thursday)

Sept. summaries due on Oct. 3 (Monday)

Oct. summaries due on Nov. 1 (Tuesday)

Nov. summaries due on Dec. 1 (Thursday)

Dec. summaries due on Jan. 2 (Monday)

Jan. summaries due on Feb. 2 (Thursday)

Feb. summaries due on March 2 (Thursday)

March summaries due on April 3 (Monday)

April summaries due on May 1 (Monday)

While this is the due date, the summaries can be handed in as soon as they are completed so that they do not get lost. It is best to hand them in either after the service in which they are done or on Monday morning. It is also best to complete the summaries early in the month. Work on the sermon summaries the 1st 2 services you attend each month and then you won’t have any problem getting them completed. Not all students are members at St. Paul’s. The sermon summaries should be completed at their church. St. Paul’s members need to attend worship here and complete them regularly. These sermon summaries may be done on any worship service: Sunday, Saturday, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening. You need to do 2 sermon summaries a month.


Each summary is worth 25 points for a total of 50 points a month. These do affect the grade each quarter so it is important for the student to complete 2 a month. If the summaries are not turned in on time, they will be penalized 1 point a day that they are late (from the day when they are due).

Confirmation Retreat

We will be going to the Southern Illinois District Junior High Retreat as part of the confirmation program. This will take place Oct. 8 (Saturday 10:00 a.m.) – Oct. 9 (Sunday evening 4:00 p.m.) at Camp Wartburg. All St. Paul’s youth are required to attend this as part of the confirmation experience. Only in extreme cases will exceptions be made.


You may contact me at the church office (667-6681), my cell phone (618-553-3133) or by email (pastorschuessler@saintpaulstroy.org).

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