3 & 4 Newsletter – Sent Home on 10/28


Memory work this week for third and fourth grade: 1 John 4:9. Found in religion book on page 80.


Third grade will be reading The Harvest Birds. Our vocabulary strategy will be context clues. Our main skill is going to be conclusions. The third grade will take a reading test Friday with questions about the  vocabulary strategy, conclusions, and The Harvest Birds.

This week, fourth grade will be reading Me and Uncle Romie. Our vocabulary strategy will be figurative language: idioms. Our main skill is going to be understanding characters. The fourth grade will take a reading test Friday with questions about the vocabulary strategy, understanding characters, and Me and Uncle Romie.


Third grade will have a math test on Monday, October 31. The rest of the week, we will be starting the next section. We will be learning about identifying dozen and half dozen, writing fractions to show part of a set, and reading and writing numbers up to 1,000.

Fourth grade will have a math test on Monday, October 31. After the test, we will learn about how to subtract across zero, missing factors, rounding numbers to estimate, adding/subtracting decimals, and multiplying 2 digit numbers.


We will finish reading through chapter 3 lesson 6 and 7. Afterwards, we will be writing a “creative expression.” This is very similar to free writing. Later in the week, we will share our creative expression with the class.


In science this week, we will be completing the next study guide and starting lesson 3.


This will be a fun social studies week! We will be learning and discussing the election process! Next Tuesday we will have a classroom election and will vote for the president.


Spelling words will come home on Monday. The students will take their tests on Friday.



Third Grade: Fact Practice 26B

Fourth Grade: Lesson 41-evens


Third Grade: Homework 26B

Fourth Grade: Lesson 42-odds


Third Grade: Oral Fact Practice and Regular Fact Practice 27B

Fourth Grade: Lesson 43-evens


Third Grade: Homework 27B

Fourth Grade: Lesson 44-odds