100th Day of School: Pre-K 4’s

Hello!  We will be celebrating the 100th day of school tomorrow!  It is technically Monday, but since we already have Auntie Anne’s coming I’m going to keep it tomorrow!  It will be a very exciting day with everything in 100, there centers will be with 100 things to play with, seatwork we will work on writing the number 100, and for project we will make a 100th day crown!  It will be very exciting so ask your child what they did, and I will also be posting pictures of our celebration.  This week we have been working on the letter “s”, they have done a fantastic job coming up with words that start with this letter.  We also have been working on writing our last names, they are all doing a wonderful job.  We have been reviewing snow this week, we talked about where snow comes from, please ask your child to try to tell you how its formed.  Our My Big World Magazine that I sent home yesterday does a great job explaining it.  Our book order will be closing tomorrow.  If you have not already registered for the school year next year, please make sure to do so!  We are having our Open House next Thursday from 4-7pm, we would love to have you come out and check our Kindergarten room and meet Mrs. Thomas.  We are still collecting box tops for our school, please send them in whenever you get a chance!  Have a wonderful day!